Release date February 28, 2018 2.5D-parallelsinger/songwriter “Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri 6th SINGLE Moon & Bouquet Closing theme of TV anime series “Fate/EXTRA Last Encore”


  • 6th SINGLE『Moon & Bouquet』
    Closing theme of TV anime series“Fate/EXTRA Last Encore”

  • 『Billion Years』
    Used in TV commercial of “Mode Gakuen”

  • 『birthday song』
    Music Video

  • 1st ALBUM『Mikazuki no Kokai』
    14 song stories Album Trailer

  • 5th SINGLE『Parallel lines』
    Closing theme of TV anime/drama “Kuzu no Honkai”

  • 4th SINGLE『Furaregai-girl』
    Written and Produced by RADWIMPS singer Yojiro Noda.

  • 『Anonymous 』
    Smartphone Game “shoumetsutoshi” collaboration song

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    Moon & Bouquet

    「Moon & Bouquet」

    Ever since her debut single “Mikazuki” at age 19, “Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri has continued the search for her place and released her first album Mikazuki no Kokai in May 2017 at age 20, as the “Sanketsu-girl’s proof of existence”, encapsulating her voyages and path. The brand-new song “Moon & Bouquet” is based on the worldview of TV anime series Fate/EXTRA Last Encore to which the mind and emotions o...

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