“Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri

“Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri

“Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri

Sayuri is a 21-year-old 2.5D-parallel singer/songwriter who strums her acoustic guitar as shesings, as “Sanketsu-girl” (hypoxia girl) - an icon of the “Sanketsu generation” who feel the sense of inferiority and just the same amount of superiority to their own sensibility and values that are different from others.

Sayuri splits her habitat in 2D and 3D worlds. Her unique activities in the 2D world is centered on SNS and the Web, and the 3D world is based on live performances; the artist lives in the crossover area, i.e., the 2.5D world. Her lyrics resonates with the emotions of people in their teens and twenties who carry the sense of smothering on a daily basis in search of the way to live their own way and their own place; her voice naturally stays present to the listeners’ hearts, tenderly embraces their loneliness and sublimates it to hope. Thus this new-generation artist enjoys tremendous popularity mainly among people in their teens and twenties.

Sayuri made her major debut on August 26, 2015 with “Mikazuki”, the closing theme of Fuji TV’s Noitamina anime series Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace! The rough-hewn beauty of the song linked strongly to the world of the anime and she won tremendous support and a hit from the start. 2nd single “It is like a small light”, closing theme of another Noitamina anime series Erased, was released February 24, 2016 and became successful, marking #7 on Oricon’s daily chart and peaking at #3 on iTunes’ consolidated single chart. Digital-only EP “Lu-raralu-ra-luraralu-ra-” was released June 24, followed by 4th single “Furaregai-girl” written and produced by RADWIMPS’ Yojiro Noda. Both EPs marked #1 on iTunes’ consolidated album chart! 5th single “Parallel lines” was #1 for four days in a row starting from its release date. The single went on to mark #10 on Oricon’s weekly single chart.

And her first full-length album “Mikazuki no Kokai”, released May 17, 2017, debuted at #1 on Oricon’s daily album chart on the first day of release! It also marked #3 on its weekly album chart.

6th single “Moon & Bouquet” was released February 28, 2018, as the closing theme of popular TV anime series Fate/EXTRA Last Encore.

One after another, people call themselves “Sayuri manias” and resonate with her singing world and presence!

You can never take your eyes off this new-dimension artist!