Release : 2016.06.24

“Lu-raralu-ra-luraralu-ra- (Digital only EP)”

Lu-raralu-ra-luraralu-ra- (Digital only EP)

2.5-dimension parallel singer/songwriter “Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri all started out from this song, now on digital only EP!
8th grader SAYURI, an avatar of Sayuri’s state of mind in her junior high school days, and Sayuri, her current state of mind, linked with each other and reincarnated as “8th grader SAYURI”. “Lu-raralu-ra-luraralu-ra-“, now available digitally, triggered the creation of “8th grader SAYURI” and at the same time marked the beginning of “Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri.


    1. Lu-raralu-ra-luraralu-ra-
    2. cigarette - sing with a guitar ver.
    3. hito - sing with a guitar ver.
    4. See you in tha afterlife - sing with a guitar ver.