Release : 2016.12.07



After making a sensational and impressive debut with the under-polished beauty of single “Mikazuki” that strongly links with the worldview of Noitamina anime series Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace, followed by the hit of sophomore single “Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Yona (It is like a small light)”, another closing theme of Noitanina anime series Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi), “Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri created buzz again with fourth single “Furaregai-girl”, written and produced by RADWIMPS singer Yojiro Noda.
Yojiro Noda, who heard “Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri’s debut single “Mikazuki”, was fascinated with her beautiful and innocent voice that slightly fluctuates, contributed a song full of his unique melodic and lyrical worldview to Sayuri and produced it himself as well.

Sayuri’s voice that “tenderly embraces loneliness” was “needed” to complete the song, a fusion of Noda’s unique verbal world and Sayuri’s sensitive voice. Sayuri’s first love song that tries to move on to the future world of “even so” beyond the emotions of the past is followed by “Anonymous”, the song with lyrics and music written by Sayuri. “Anonymous” is a medium-tempo rock tune of “hope and determination” that faces the border line between the “inner” and “outer” selves that anyone has, from the standpoint of the non-anonymous, person-in-concern, trying to get your mind together again in the era of “Sanketsu (hypoxia)” to feel “alive”.

Sayuri’s fourth single echoes both “past” and “future” to depict the new emotional frontier beyond “even so”.

  • CD

    1. It is like a small light
    2. See you in tha afterlife
    3. Suicide fish - sing with a guitar ver.
  • DVD

    1. See you in tha afterlife - Music Video full length ver.