Release : 2017.03.01

“Parallel lines”

Parallel lines

“Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri, who had just released fourth single “Furaregai-girl” in December 2016, the song written and produced by Yojiro Noda of RADWIMPS, went on to release its sequel “Heikosen (Parallel lines)” as early as March 1, 2017.

“Heikosen (Parallel lines)” was chosen the closing theme of Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai), the TV anime series on Fuji TV’s Noitamina airing Thursdays 24:55, starting from January 12, 2017! It was also used the closing theme of the drama edition of Scum’s Wish on FOD (Fuji On Demand), preceding Noitamina and airing Wednesdays 25:55.

“Heikosen (Parallel lines)”, Sayuri’s third closing theme of Noitamina anime series, was written especially for the main character of Scum’s Wish, originating from Mengo Yokoyari’s popular manga currently running in Monthly BIG GANGAN. Centering on Scum’s Wish’s main character Hanabi, the pure yet distorted relationship events among “close but yet to cross path” characters and their “paralleled” emotions directly link to the worldview of Sayuri’s songs; Sayuri shows her true value as the 2.5-dimension parallel singer/songwriter.

Sayuri’s voice, a mixture of “downturn and hope”, elaborates the distorting emotions in the parallel world of Scum’s Wish, whose drama and anime renditions conclude simultaneously, and graces the ephemeral and frustrating closing of the drama on Wednesdays and its anime counterpart on Thursdays, two nights in a row in one season.

Sayuri’s first single in 2017 shows her true worth and depicts the artist’s parallel world!

  • CD

    1. Parallel lines
    2. Anonymous - sing with a guitar ver.
    3. Neverland
  • DVD

    1. Parallel lines - Music Video full length ver.