Release : 2018.02.28

“Moon & Bouquet”

Moon & Bouquet

Ever since her debut single “Mikazuki” at age 19, “Sanketsu-girl” Sayuri has continued the search for her place and released her first album Mikazuki no Kokai in May 2017 at age 20, as the “Sanketsu-girl’s proof of existence”, encapsulating her voyages and path.
The brand-new song “Moon & Bouquet” is based on the worldview of TV anime series Fate/EXTRA Last Encore to which the mind and emotions of the “Sanketsu-girl” resonated, as the result of the compassion between many people of the “Sanketsu” generation, i.e., the ties between herself and others.
Where do I belong to? What is my own world like? Sayuri has started making her steps towards the answers and the meaning of life, trying to find them within her profound mind. Her current self, i.e., the beyond of “Mikazuki” and TV anime series Fate/EXTRA Last Encore’s Servant Saber’s feelings towards main character Hakuno and their connection synchronize in this song to mark the opening of the second chapter in Sayuri’s journey.
By singing, Sayuri stays present to the loneliness of the “Sanketsu” generation; “Moon & Bouquet”, the opening song of her second chapter, was born in the recurrent resonance with the “Sanketsu” generation. Feel with all your senses the new start and the new world that synchronize with the world of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore and establish the milestone towards what is beyond “Mikazuki”.

  • CD

    1. Moon & Bouquet
    2. Parallel lines - sing with a guitar ver.
    3. Hinata rain
  • DVD

    Moon & Bouquet - Music Video full length ver.